This is a detail shot of part of a very long piece I did on paper mounted to wood. When I finished it last night, I wasn't sure I liked it, but this morning it suddenly looked a lot better to me. It's funny how much your perspective can shift over night.

Yesterday I was spoiled with good food and good company: lunch with Lauren at Satchel's and dinner with Cassie at the Swamp. Today, I'm carless again and stuck at home. At least there's a lot to do here... I'm trying to figure out what my next moves in the studio will be. I started working on another set of older wood pieces that I never finished during my last semester of school. I'm thinking it will be more silkscreening and painting on wood for me today. Most of it is discarded wood from the scrap piles at school, lots of interesting shapes and textures to work with.

I updated my profile too, so now it actually says stuff!


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