Of Pirates and Personal Possessions

This week's Photo Friday assignment was "Masculine," and what could be more masculine than a pirate against a backdrop of rust? I also considered taking a picture of my toilet with the seat up, but I decided that this pirate figurine was more photogenic than a toilet. I got the figurine when I was really little at the Florida Turnpike. They used to have coin machines where you'd pay 50 cents to watch plastic pour into a mold and create your figurine right before your eyes. I miss those machines. Do they still exist anywhere? I love that they actually print the word "turnpike" on each of the statues...

I've been drawing in my sketchbooks so much lately that I haven't done any of the things I actually should be doing (planning my Saturday altered book class, packing and mailing stuff I sold on eBay...). I also got to go to a great estate sale with a friend, and we talked about the strangeness of estate sales and seeing a stranger's entire house opened up for all to see - and purchase. They even had files of the couple's personal papers for sale, one of the folders being marked "insurance." Is it really okay to sell that stuff? It makes you think about your own possessions a little more than normal after going to a sale like that.


  1. I have ALWAYS wanted to do an altered book!! I've seen several websites on it, but haven't taken the dive. Do you have photos of your altered books? Maybe you do later on in your posts.

    I love that you used a rust background in this picture!


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