Happy Valentine's Day

Ink, pencil, gesso, and goache.

I also started working again on these old pieces had I started on birch plywood during my last semester of school but never finished. I'll post pictures of my progress tomorrow. It's been a slow process of painting along the grain using contact paper cut outs as a resist. I think I will add some more silkscreens to it at some point too.

I taught my first non-adhesive bookbinding workshop this past weekend, which is a brand new class for me. I was worried about it since it was new for me, but everything went smoothly, and it was actually really fun to teach. We made a Japanese stab binding and another exposed spine stitch. My students were really interesting people too, so that always makes for a good class.

In my silkscreen class today, we're printing our first t-shirts of the semester: always exciting. I debated about whether or not to do a demo, but these kids are already so good at printing, I don't think they'll even need it. I'm just going to work with everybody one-on-one. Plus, two more demos would mean printing two new shirts for me, and I just don't need yet another set of t-shirts silkscreened by me for me!


  1. Hey, Tessa!
    I'm going back in time (2006) to read your blog from the first post. You don't have to worry about replying to my comments as I'm sure there will be many!

    I took a 3 class book binding course at a university here in UT. I LOVED it and would like to do more someday! I love the feel of nice paper!

    Do you still teach?


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