The Sound of Paper

I'm thinking of sitting outside today with my sketchbooks and drawing for a couple of hours. It will be the first time I've cleaned off that porch furniture in quite a while... When I took a sketchbook class in college, my problem was always drawing too fast and too loosely. My teacher was always telling me to slow it down, to concentrate more and do some contour drawings. Now I think my problem is that I am too tight and too slow when I sketch, too aftraid of messing up, and I think it's because I haven't worked in these books for so long. I need to try to find that happy medium between the two.

We stretched screens yesterday in silkscreen class, and I think the students really liked it. It was something very different from our usual classes, and it was actually really fun for a change. There is just something about the sense of accomplishment you gain after making something with your hands, and the product: a brand new screen, is pretty gratifying too.


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