Olympic Withdrawal

I'm watching the closing ceremonies, and I miss the Olympics already. I guess I don't hate sports after all, just team sports. I like the plight of the individual. The Olympics is basically sports for people with short attention spans, like me. I've gotten so used to watching the events every night, but next week it's back to bad network TV. I guess I'll be watching a lot of DVDs.

On Friday, I went to an art opening then exhanged studio visits with one of the new ceramics grads, which was really great. We also traded a bunch of stuff, and there's nothing better than having new art in the house! I am totally in love with the new sculptures I've just acquired. I taught part two of a two part altered book workshop this Saturday, then I met up with Cassie and her fiance to get ice cream, yum. Other than that, I am just getting ready for a show I'm hanging on Wednesday at the public library, and I've been addicted to drawing/painting in the new sketchbook I just started. I'm working in it in a reverse manner - doing all the filling of the sketchbook before I do the binding. It's a different way of working that I haven't attempted in a while, and I've really been enjoying it. It creates a very different book than one that has been bound and worked in the traditional way.

In the background, I can hear the sounds of a band that rehearses nearby. That would normally annoy me, but my neighbors and I agree that the band is actually pretty good, so we don't mind it. They rehearse constantly - their dedication is definitely admirable.


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