How to Draw Class

I tell my story about how a very discouraging art school teacher took me off the path of drawing and how I was able to find my way back to it in the end.

I talk about where I find my inspiration for drawing, what is in my sketching kit, and how to create a gradient to get the most out of your drawing pencil.

The "How to Draw" Series, Part Two: Motivation and Continuous Line Contour Drawings
Where we talk about how to get (and stay!) motivated, and I talk about continuous line contour drawings.

The "How to Draw" Series, Part Three: The Inner Critic and Blind Contour Drawings
We talk about how to ignore self doubt, banish the voices of your "inner critic," and draw anyway.  To go along with banishing our inner critic, we learn how to do a blind contour drawing.

The "How to Draw" Series, Part Four: A New Way of Seeing and Drawing Upside Down
We introduce a new way of looking at things when you draw, and we attempt to draw from pictures that are upside down.

The "How to Draw" Series, Part Five: Resistance and Timed Drawings
We learn about how to stop holding ourselves back from creating art, and we do a few drawings within different intervals of time.

The "How to Draw" Series, Part Six: Embracing Your Unique Style and Non-Dominant Hand Drawings
We learn to love what we make, and we attempt to draw with our non-dominant hand and see what comes of it.

The "How to Draw" Series, Part Seven: How to Cheat at Drawing
Part Seven teaches us to break the rules and cheat at drawing!  Tips and tricks for when you are on a time crunch or just can't get a drawing right after multiple attempts.

The "How to Draw" Series, Part Eight: Negative Spaces
In Part Eight, we learn about negative spaces and how they can help us with proportion and the distances between two objects in a drawing.

The "How to Draw" Series, Part Nine: Three Little Tricks
Part Nine teaches you three little tricks that will greatly improve your drawing technique.

The "How to Draw" Series, Part Ten: Finding the Darkest Darks and the Lightest Lights
This lesson talks about how to approach shading by finding the darkest darks and the lightest lights.

Have fun drawing!  :)


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