What is She Saying?

What is She Saying?, originally uploaded by howtouseart.

...from the looks of her hands, it's either "Woe is Me" or "Be Still My Heart." I prefer the latter.

Did a few little sketches today, nothing special. It's amazing how even if I just stop drawing for a week, I have to re-learn and practice how to make the faces I am so used to drawing. They turn out really bad at first. I have a page in my sketchbook full of horrible looking faces, and over the top of it, I wrote, "Sometimes the drawings will be bad."

Played some Super Mario Bros. for Wii with my dad today. That game is HARD.

I am loving my clean, clean house. My bedroom is another story, but the rest of the house is sparkling. Yay!

It's almost 9pm on a Sunday, and that means the weekend is over. I better draw some more before it's time for the work week again, sigh...


  1. I think she's saying, "Where are my legs? I had them a minute ago!" No? Well, maybe not. Glad to hear you got a little drawing mojo back.

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. she couyld say i am thinking of you

  3. I agree about relearning. I've signed up for a model co-op so I can regain the skills I've lost over my month since graduation from art school. It's so sad sometimes how quickly we go bad. I love the statue.

  4. Anonymous12:45 PM

    What an interesting image. I can see it both ways :)

  5. oh, she looks heartbroken to me, like she is saying.."you spurned me once, but never again!"


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