Flea Market Finds and Drawing Doubts

From left to right - vintage monkey with celluloid head $5, Dawn doll bride $2, Fuzzy weird dog ceramic statue $2, Marie Antoinette pill case $1, very old Skipper dolls in need of some TLC $1 each.

I am trying to motivate myself to draw or work on something creative today. I haven't had time to draw all week, and the only creative thing I've done this weekend is to do a little embroidery while watching the movie "Paper Heart" with a friend. (The embroidery is coming out pretty cute; it's a drawing of a girl that I did on fabric. I'll take some photos when it's all done.) The longer I go without drawing the harder it is to get back into it...all those doubts seem to creep into my head - those negative thoughts that try to talk you out of doing anything creative. I wish we had a decent art museum that I could go to here for some inspiration...but since we don't, I think I will search for art on the internet and hopefully get inspired to make stuff that way. I think it takes some bravery to make a painting or pull out the nice paper and start a drawing, so seeing art by other people is so encouraging when I am in this state of mind. Off to browse the internets... :)


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