Fancy Sketchbook Ladies & A Giveaway

Up above are some more shots of my sketchbooks, drawings I did at the end of December 2009. I am really liking the crest designs I made around two of the drawings, and that might be a running theme in my work for now, we'll see....

I had a good dinner with an old friend last night. So much fun to spend time with creative people and talk shop! I've been working on some small works and a larger painting on wood today. I'm head over heels in love with the painting (photos soon), but the smaller drawings I did are not so hot (no photos coming of those!). I hate how discouraged I get when I make a bad drawing...sometimes I even stop drawing altogether for a few days when that happens. I also stop drawing sometimes when I make a really good piece, because I think subconsciously, "I can never top that - why even try?" It's so strange how complex our relationship with our artwork can be...

I decided to do a little giveaway on my blog, in case any one out there is reading... Just leave a comment on this post by Wednesday at midnight, and I will draw a winning name out of a hat. (Be sure to leave your email in the comments so I can contact you!) The winner will get a copy of my zine, "Lady Lady," plus a smattering of postcards, moo cards, and other random goodies. I want to make someone's mailbox very happy! Good luck!!


  1. I LOVE your sketches. So great and inspiring. I know what you mean about getting discouraged when you do a bad drawing but the important thing is that eventually we DO try again :)


  2. The idea is to keep pushing through our discouragements. We need to keep creating, because we never know what might touch someone elses heart.We may think it garbage but someone else sees beauty. That's the real joy of art!

  3. Beautiful girls. I'd love a copy of your zine.

  4. Just came across your blog through etsy.
    Beautiful sketches - just lovely!!!
    Now following.

  5. {{ME!!!!!!}}

    I've found a great art group here in Denver! LOVE your sketches - please keep creating and sharing!!

  6. Your thoughts on art really resonated with me; I used to sketch a lot, but got discouraged and often put the sketchbooks away - and now it's been years since I've done any drawing. Might pick up the book tonight, though; thanks for the inspiration!


  7. It might be silly but it's inspiring to see you draw through your thoughts like that. very creative, makes me want to do the same.

  8. what a super giveaway- i would love love love to win!


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