All The Small Things

Last week was:

*A Monday flea market filled with goodies, like these little tiny treats that were 5 for $1:

*Getting free dog hoodies at work (a t-shirt company sent them as promos) and printing one of my "Drink Booze, Make Friends" designs on them (seen on a people t-shirt here) for Roo

*New music! And I'm loving the new season of Project Runway.

*A little bit of time to sketch in my small "experimental" sketchbook

*A short workday on Friday followed by an extended lunch at Boca Fiesta with the crew from work

*Shopping with a giftcard at Old Navy on Saturday and lunch with mom

*Playing Wii with my parents on their new game system that I got them for their anniversary

*Cleaning up the apartment for friends coming over later today!


  1. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Sounds like a great week!! Love the flea market finds. Have fun with your friends!!


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