Happy New Year!

I hope your holiday season has been a great one this year! I love having time off from work and have been spending most of it drawing and painting... Above is "Laura," one of my newest sketchbook girls, painted with acrylics and marker. Below is "Liv," done all in marker. I have a new sketchbook for more loose, experimental works, and that is where Liv came to be. It's nice to have a sketchbook like that where there is no pressure to make things perfect - I think sometimes I try too hard in my other books because the paper is more expensive or something. How silly is that?

I've been working on some paintings on wood panels and blocks, but I couldn't get a good photo of any of them since the lighting is so bad in my apartment today (it's kinda gray out). I'll try again soon.

I've been getting more used to having a day job and am actually liking it more. I especially love that I don't have to worry about money so much anymore! When I was trying to make art for a living, money was a non-stop constant worry - to the point that I wasn't sleeping very well. I do hope to try to make art a full time thing again soon, but for now doing it part of the time is making me happy since some of that money stress has been alleviated.

In other news, I hope to give my Etsy shop a little facelift for 2010 and want to add lots of new goodies! I think I will shut down my yarn store and just focus on my art stores on there... I've got some new little sculptures in the works, art I want to make into prints, ideas for a new zine, and oh so much more... I just hate having to photograph and post the stuff - I wish I had little elves to do that for me. A girl can dream...

I hope 2010 brings lots of good things for everyone and is full of happiness and creativity!


  1. I was just visiting your shop - I LOVE the t-shirts :)
    Here's hoping you can keep your resolution to blog more!
    And I hope you have a productive 2010!!


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