Seller Shout Out: Alicepleasance!

Look at the delicious little strawberry cake on my ring! It was made by my wonderful Etsy friend from Italy, Anna of Alicepleasance Jewelry.

Anna and I traded goodies and fun surprise packages a little while ago, and I've worn my ring many times since, only to get many compliments from friends and strangers... But for some reason, I am always so hungry for cake when I wear this ring!

I love all the little details, and the fact that it really does look so delicious. Anna sculpts all kinds of amazing miniatures herself out of polymer clay. I'm always so amazed at how detailed they look, and they are so unique and unexpected. I also love that the base of the ring is a little cake plate - how cool!

Anna and I exchange emails often, and we found out we have a LOT in common, most notably our mutual love for all things old and forgotten, especially for found photographs. We exhanged found photographs too, so we each can have some new faces in our collection. Anna even sent a fantastic recipie book of great Italian cooking which I love! It seems that she is good with both real *and* fake food! :)

Especially for Anna, I'm posting a photo of one of my thrift store finds from the previous week: an enlarged portrait that has been made into a music box. The song that plays is "Love Story," and I imagine it as being a very treasured memento owned by a woman's sweetheart who was separated from her for a time due to World War II. I can almost picture him seeing her on his nightstand, gazing her way before he drifted off to sleep each night...


  1. Oh WOW! The detail on that ring is amazing! Don't you just LOVE making friends all over the world via blogs. SO incredible...

  2. Anonymous10:30 PM

    That looks good enough to eat! unbelievable detail.

  3. I'm so glad you like Anna's work - isn't it great? I know, the tiny details just floor me, and I think my camera didn't do them justice!

  4. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Oh Tessa, thank you for this post and for all those compliments!!!! You're really a great friend and I'm so happy you enjoy the ring!
    Thank you over and over!
    The musicbox looks fantastic as I thought!
    I'll write you more later...these days are sooooo busy :-(


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