Seller Shout Out: Swedeprep!

This is me happily wearing the first necklace I ever coveted on Etsy... This Fruits (you know, the Japanese magazine of street fashions?) necklace was made by the talented Steph of Swedeprep. The charms are little miniature Japanese teenagers with Steph's handmade beaded flowers and pretty accents. She's got a lot of amazing pieces in her shop, not to mention she is one of the nicest people I've met on Etsy so far. (And that's saying a lot...there are a lot of nice people on Etsy!) I got this necklace in a trade, and I made Steph the bag that's shown here. Yay for Swedeprep!

I also want to give a shout out to the United States Postal Service, who are far more efficient, friendly, and on-the-ball than those gross guys over at UPS, who made dropping off a package take a mere 25 minutes (I would have been to post office and back within that time frame if using USPS!), charged all kinds of weird $5.00 surcharges, then proceeded to make my package arrive at a juried art exhibition 2 days too late after upgrading me to a *guaranteed* service. Ugh, I'd never have used them if this gallery hadn't made us use them... Luckily they are nice enough to still exhibit my piece despite its tardiness. Not to mention that when I go to my favorite (i.e. closest-to-my-house) USPS stop, I am greeted with a friendly, "What did we sell on Etsy today?" (Which was formerly, "What did we sell on eBay today?") Guess who will be getting some angry phone calls tomorrow? Hint: the colors brown and mustard yellow, ick!


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