Best Mail Day EVER!

Last week, I had the most amazing mail day! I'm just posting about it now because I was sick all last week, so I'm thrilled to finally be able to show this great stuff off...

I did a trade with two amazingly talented and super cool ladies: Megan of MooganCreations and Lauren of LaurenSmash! I couldn't believe that their fantastic packages got here at the very same time, after a whole week of me not getting anything other than junk mail... It was almost too much for me to handle, considering that I'm someone who is basically obsessed with getting fun mail.

Someone else who loves getting mail is Ruby Roo... She is always there to help open every package and sniff anything new that arrives at our house. She was totally jealous that these were "mommy toys" and not "Ruby toys!" Here she is, absoultely thrilled about our new pillow by Megan:

Here is the wonderful Claire, ready to rock the Florida beaches, made by Lauren. I just love her cool blue color that reminds me of the ocean. She is simply too cute for words, and glancing over at her always makes me smile. Ruby Roo would *love* to get ahold of her to play, but that is so not happening...

Take a look at the amazing handstitched details on this pillows, which has only lived here for a week or so, but is already the envy of everyone who has stopped over and seen it...

Now feast your eyes on these two fantastic zippered pouches by Lauren... As someone who just started sewing *very* recently, I am floored by Lauren's talent and fearlessness with her sewing machine... I mean, she's made a dress and a top using patterns, and she can do zippers! I am so afraid of patterns and zippers... One of these pouches holds my drawing pens, and the other lives in my purse and holds all the little odds and ends that float around my tote. I may need to purchase another one of these for myself one day...I love little pouches and these are the best I've seen out there! (Thanks for the great surprise, Lauren!)

Eek! Megan must be psychic...this little minion surprise is exactly what I would have picked out for myself! I love the colors and can't stop admiring all of the beautiful handstitching - wow! And I love, love, love that she wrote to me on this little Yoshitomo Nara postcard with the picture of a little white dog. Hmm...that reminds me of a little white dog I know...

Ok, I have picked out a million different things I'm going to decorate with my new LaurenSmash stickers, but now I just have to decide which sticker goes where....

I also wanted to show Lauren where Claire is currently living, just to be sure she approves of Claire's new habitat, on the shoulder of my beautiful jewelry model:

Sorry to just gush and gush, but these awesome packages seriously made my WEEK last week, since I was mostly sick in bed and/or the couch all week. Being sick isn't so bad if you've got some cool new treats to look at... :)


  1. thanks for the love. I'm glad ruby roo approves.
    I'm totally jealous of those pouches by laureen! They are too cool. The new plushie is adorable,as well. I love the shade of blue she choose and it looks really nice sitting by the mannequin.
    let's hear it for mail and trades!!!

  2. Yay for mail! Yay for trades!!! I'll definitely second both of those...

    Thank YOU for making my week, and for creating such awesomeness!!!! :)

  3. yay everything looks great! I am so glad you like it all! I love my stuff too and I even made my boyfriend make a special place in my brand new closet for my necklace cause its my absolute favorite! awesome!(ps I am glad you like the pouches and I am working on that checkbook cover!)

  4. Hi Lauren,
    I'm so glad that you like your stuff, too. Wow, I'm thrilled that the rough sketch is your favorite necklace!! Thanks for doing that checkbook color - I can't wait to see it. No rush though, you need to keep making awesome giraffes!! :)

  5. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I'd wear a bikini, too, if I had a bangin' beach bod like her :)

  6. KiWi: Ha ha! Best comment EVER!! :)


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