Tie. One. On.

Just as promised... It's here! This is one of my new line of skirts called "Tie One On," made using all recycled materials. The vintage skirt is made of chocolate brown thick knit jersey, and sewn onto the skirt are two halves of a vintage tie, adding unexpected detail & design! I haven't seen anyone use ties like this before, and I came up with the idea while at the thrift shop eyeing all the wonderful patterns of ties and all the plain jane vintage skirts... I think they are a perfect pair, and both the tie and the skirt were screenprinted many, MANY times to acheive the complexity and the layering effect of the skirt. The coolest part are the little details: the back of the skirt has a secret compartment for a pen, while the front of the skirt has a little loop for a keychain or other attachment. I had so much fun using the decorative stitches on my sewing machine to attach the tie, and there are some bright red handstitched details as well. You can view it at my Etsy shop here.

I'm so excited about these new skirts with all of their detail and allure. I love spending more time on each item to make them extra complex and one of a kind. I am also really excited about the new stuff I've been working on because I plan to use many more recycled materials in the future. A few of my friends have given me some of their old clothes to print on, and I love roaming the vintage shops in my area to find new and unique items. Pairing the vintage pieces together to make something entirely new is even more fun! I also love the idea of sustainability and putting things to use that would otherwise be cast off and thrown away. (I'm very interested in this idea with my artmaking as well.) Not to mention the positive environmental ramifications of using these types of materials, but it also means that I'm not interested in purchasing garments that have been made in terrible sweatshop conditions then imported into the U.S.

I also use American Apparel shirts sometimes, which is a U.S. made, sweatshop-free clothing company. My only beef with that company is that I wear a large at their store, and I never wear a large anywhere else! I leave feeling like a cow.! We can't all be size zeros, American Apparel.... Some of us wouldn't *want* to be a size zero!

(By the way, don't you love those hot new heels that I'm modeling in these photos?! I do.)


  1. This must be one of the most creative things i've ever seen,Tessa. I love it! The pen pocket is a beautiful detail and i love the screenprints on the tie. It's one of thsoe pieces you can look at forever. Well done!!

  2. I love, love the skirt. wonderful details!
    I also love my postal worker. He's always very pactient with my lack of knowledge. Especially when it comes it international shipping.

    sorry for all the mang grammatical errors.

  3. totally, totally awesome.
    so so great. heart the pen pocket.

  4. Thanks so, SO much for the fantastic comments! I am so happy you guys like the skirt, since it's sort of a new direction I want to go in... I plan on working a lot more with applique and layering in the future. I'm hard at work finishing some more stuff, and I can't wait to share some more with you! :)

  5. i'm TAGGING you. sorta annoying, i know, but i've been tagged and my blogneighborhood is sorta small. see my blog if you feel like playing :)


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