Meet...My Bookcase!

I've been meaning to take a few around-the-apartment pictures for my blog... I would love a chance to invite some of my blog friends over for coffee, but since a lot of you live so far away, this is the next best thing. This will be a slow photo tour, though, done over many separate posts, because my place is JAM packed with art eye-candy!

Right when you walk in the door, there is a big built-in bookcase to your right. It's actually the one bookshelf in the place that doesn't have too many books in it. Instead, it houses my movies, photo albums, games, and a rotating art display! It's got two great pieces made by good friends that I went to art school with; both of them graduated from the MFA program at the Univeristy of Florida a few years ago.

The *amazing* piece above was made by Kymia Nawabi, who makes drawings, paintings, and sculptures that are just as awesome as she is! This small sculptural piece is wrapped with vines, and inside the clock stucture lives a tiny photo album full of miniature photos. When she made this, Kymia was making pieces that were mostly based in self-portraiture, and she painted one of her beautiful works atop a clock face. I love, love, love this piece!! It's hanging out in front of some large paint-by-number pieces that I found in a thrift store. (By the way, those paintings are based on famous 19th century works, but I can't remember who the artist is...does anyone else know? I always sketched in my notebooks and didn't pay attention in art history, ha ha.)

These glass slippers filled with tiny ceramic flowers and doll parts were made by another amazing friend, ceramics artist Renee Audette (who is currently working on building a website). Renee is super talented, and her MFA exhibition was one of the best exhibitions I've ever seen! She is also a really fun person to hang out with - we love going to thrift stores together. I love staring at these little slippers and shaking around their's nice to have art that keeps giving you something new to look at every time you walk by it. Not only did she make the contents of the slippers, but she also made the glass slippers!

One last Britney Spears keychain hangs on a brass ballerina that my mom gave me!


  1. everything looks so fun! I have seen the picture of the napoleon looking man, I just can't seem to remember the artists name.

  2. Thanks!

    Me neither, and it's been bugging me lately, because the other day I just found the same pair of people at the thrift store! This set was from the 70's and on glossed over faux wood...

  3. oh, i miss young, sweet britney. if i could come over for coffee i would want to watch my so-called life! esp. the episode when angela has to make-up with sharon and they're both crying and she says 'squeeze my hand as hard as it hurts'. so sweet. bittersweet, even. also the one about the way jordan leans. 'don't you love the way he leans'?

    glass shoes=a-ma-zing.

  4. Anonymous7:57 PM

    ha! great brittany key chain :)

  5. Oh, sweet pre-boob-job Britney, where are you now?

    Okay, we can totally watch that episode, as long as we can also watch the one where Jordan writes that song "I Call Her Red," and Angela thinks it's about her, but it's really about the car...

  6. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Oh...I adore the glass slippers filled with magical bits!! : )

  7. love this! it is totally your personal altar! beautiful way to honor you! xo

  8. Thanks, Meekah! Wow, this is an old post - from way back in my very first apartment! Fond memories. :)


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