PBS Rules.

Mark your calendars... PBS will be airing their new documentary, "Craft in America", for the first time on May 30th, from 8 - 11pm, EST. Hope it's good! I always love PBS specials... Has anyone seen the "Art:21" series? Or the "Frontier House" or "Colonial House" series? I love those. A little too much.

I also want to ask if anyone has any promotional materials (business cards, little flyers about your Etsy shop) they'd like me to send out with my packages? If you do, just convo/email me, and I'll send you my address. Send me a bunch! I just ran out of other people's promo stuff in my last group of mailings, and I'd like to get some little ads from my blogging friends to help you promote your shops! :)

There's a new shirt in the shop tonight, and it's here. To be honest with you, I would totally keep this one if it fit me better. I'm really in love with the red/blue/stripes combo...

I also listed my first ever PIF today, after hearing so much about these things in the Etsy forums. It's such a cool way to share the love and brighten up someone's mailbox. I was excited to see that it got snapped up *right* away! It's on its way to its new home tomorrow, and I treated myself to a little PIF in return (actually, a few days ago)... I can't wait to get my postcard from Japan! I love getting mail from far away!


  1. i love the shirt!
    and the puppy.......how can anyone tolerate such cuteness????
    too adorable ! (i dont usually become a blithering wreck on people's blogs, but look at that face!.... forgive me;)


  2. Anonymous7:19 AM

    I love your new shirt!! Gibson Girls.....love! : )

  3. the new shirt is darling. congrats on selling that pif so quickly.
    and your new purchase is very cool. You'll have to take photos of how it comes in the mail. I also love oversea parcels.

  4. Yup, the pup is way too cute to handle! I'll tell her you commented on her cuteness, and her ego will get even bigger! :)

    Thanks for the t-shirt love! Gibson Girls are too cool.

    I'll definitely post a picture of the postcard when it arrives - I can't wait!

  5. great shirt! :) and yeah art 21 rocked my world!

    I love barry mcgee & Margaret Killgallin(sp)

    ps..when I make some business cards, then I am going to give you some :)

  6. I *love* Barry McGee and Margaret Kilgallen too! I wish I could see some of their stuff in person...

  7. I'm cluless, what's a PIF?
    Love the shirt!


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