Thrifters Gone WILD!

Sorry I've been so out of touch lately, but the second half of my week was complicated with scary doctors and a little out-of-town jaunt! The doctor thing is not as bad as it sounds (I hope!)... I have chronic sinus infections. I am *always* sick and can't really go outside much due to my allergies. I've gone to lots of allergists, but nothing seems to help, so I had to go to an ENT this week who numbed my nose & put tubes in there, yuck. Now I'm on three week (!) antibiotics and have to go back at the end of that time to get a CT/brain scan...yikes! He said it's not as bad as it sounds, basically they want to be able to view my sinues in their entirety to make sure there's nothing weird going on in there. I'm trying to not think about it until I have to...

My other news is good news, because I went to Jacksonville, FL to visit the awesome Miss Samantha and go thrifting. Sam lives in Brooklyn now, but she was visiting her mom for Mother's Day (so sweet!), so I drove there to see her. We went to art school together, and she graduated a few years before me with a degree in photography. We got TONS of stuff, broke our own "no tchotchke" rules, and indulged (?) in Sonic and Arby's, two things she can't get up north. Right now, it basically looks like a thrift shop threw up all over my living room. Ha.

I'm such a dork - this is the first time I've ever driven a long distance (well, just 2 hours) on the highway by myself, so I was pretty proud. It's kind of sad to be 25 and have a fear of highway driving, but I just haven't had practice in it. I guess I always had parents/boyfriends/friends who were willing to drive on trips... This was a big accomplishment for me, trite as it sounds! I actually *liked* driving that long. (My iPod helped out a lot by choosing a great driving mix through the "shuffle" setting.) I'd have liked it even more if there were no other cars around...

"Wow, look at all of our new junk!"

"I can't wait to dive right in..."


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