I Should Lie to You.

I should tell you that my studio is never this messy... But if things are going well creatively, then it IS always this messy! So let's hope it stays messy for awhile.

Stacks of silkscreens everywhere... even a whole row of them on the top part of the closet behind the pretty Victorian lady portrait!

Excuse the crazy lighting in the photo - I forgot to change a light setting on my camera. My studio assistant sits in her little perch, keeping an eye on everything.

I've been silkscreening on anything and everything lately, and it's been great! I got a bunch of new images burned and ready, and I started test printing them the other day. I'm really happy with the results, and I should be posting them on here as well as updating the store very soon. Lots of new treats are coming in the following month! A few quick tees, and a few more involved projects as well...


  1. a messy studio is a productive studio. Keep up the creative spurts.

  2. You're definitely right! The art mess has actually begun to infiltrate the living room as well...I guess I should clean up at some point before it conquers the whole place! :)

  3. i agree with moogan comment, "a messy studio is a productive studio". my desk is filled with embellishments and scraps right now. :)

  4. Anonymous3:39 PM

    awwwh.. your dog looks like a total doll! Gotta love that!

  5. Thanks! She is really into studio time and wants to see what I'm doing. She brings her own projects (bones) to work on next to me while I screen/draw/paint...

  6. Anonymous3:48 PM

    My dog (Lennart) wants to sit on my desk when I work, he is a small black and white Jack Russel Terrier who doesn't really understand why he can't "help" me with my work. Dogs - gotta love em!

  7. Anonymous3:34 AM

    Love the studio assistant :-)


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