The Estate Sale Jackpot

It's official: last Friday, I hit the estate sale jackpot. I got a HUGE overflowing box of antique goodness for a price so cheap that I still can't even believe it. Here are just a few tiny peeks...

A loose drawing found in one of three (THREE!) giant drawing pads filled with art and vintage papers creates a backdrop for two beautiful diaries from the 1800's that I haven't had a chance to read yet.

A glimpse inside one of the big drawing pads shows tons of loose artwork and this great handsewn lace piece mounted on orange cardboard.

A selection from one of the smaller sketchbooks as well as another random loose piece...

I didn't even mention the victorian picture frame, the vintage clothing, a photo album, handmade finger puppets, or many of the other old but wonderful treasures I found at this old house. This will be a hard sale to top!


  1. jackpot indeed! incredible find!

  2. Anonymous3:31 AM

    That journals and the sketchbooks too look amazing! You could do a lot of things with them.

  3. Such great finds!I'd love to know what's written in those journals, it's so mysterious!

  4. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Oh! Your a lucky girl! : ) I've never been to an estate sale before...they seem quite neat! : )

  5. Yeah, I'm still so thrilled and won't let myself look at everything just yet...I want to look a little every day to keep the surprises coming. I might read a little in those diaries tonight! You should definitely check out an estate sale if you get a chance - they're so amazing, but also sort of creepy...usually you pick the clothes straight out of the old closets!

  6. what a great assortment of oddities to get. You'll have inspiration for days!

  7. WOW. I'm so jealous! :D

  8. Anonymous9:41 AM

    People should read this.


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