Go Ahead, Try and Steal This One!

Or don't! It's copyrighted. Just like this stuff...

I found that link after following a few threads on Emily's "(Inside A Black Apple)" blog.

Stealin' art...
Interesting, no?
Frightening, to say the least!

Ugh, that type of thing makes me *so* mad!! This is something I'm very interested in at the moment due to some old acquaintances from art school who continue to "find a great deal of inspiration" in my artwork, my processes, and even in my art-related employment! It seems they continue to follow my career very closely, despite us all having graduated several years ago. They also check my portfolio website a lot. I mean, A LOT...

Okay, before this turns into something that resembles a rant (I can feel my blood start to boil when I start thinking about my "followers."), I will show you the "IT" in question. (Remember, the thing you should just try to steal?)

It's this sweet tiger bag I made for my awesome friend Steph:

Look! It's a personalized tag! I'm really proud of this little tag and pocket, because this bag is only about the 10th thing I've ever sewn in life. I just got my first sewing machine a few months ago and have been pretty frightened of it until lately. I think I've almost *conquered* it! Or, at least, my fears of it.

Okay, please excuse the fact that these photos were taken super quickly with no regards to lighting (or ironing!), but besides the silkscreened image, I would think the bag itself would resist stealing. Who would try to cross a tiger that ferocious?!

Sweet! The lining doubles as an extra little pocket on the front! I know my sewing is still a bit rickety, but I'm proud of this bag - it's the first thing I've made for someone else (besides me or the dog...or gross ex-boyfriends we dare not speak of).


  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Great work! Love the tag! So detailed. Hooray for sewing girls!


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