No, I Don't Follow the Show...

...But these shirts WILL be made by the end of the week by my friend Heather and myself. And, no, Heather does not watch the show either.

Some shirts that I am trading with a fellow Etsy seller...


  1. Anonymous10:56 PM

    sanjaya! i want the sanjaya shag. hopefully my stylist can pull it off for me.

  2. that's shirt of the kid from ai is so funny. I don't watch that show but everyone talks about that guy so much I feel like i do.

  3. heather: if your stylist can't hack it, i'm sure i can craft a sanjaya-esque coif of some sort for you. hell, i'll do it free of charge! i'm not sure thom will approve of the new look, though...we might want to run that one by him first.

    moogan: yeah, me too! i actually *did* watch it last week, and was pretty good background noise as i was working on some drawings. i'm rooting for sanjaya all the way... :)


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