Sunday Photo Dump

1. Look who is happy and healthy and all smiles!
2. My new nail color is hot pink! And yes, I draw on tables...
3. Sketchbook drawing.
4. So cute, Ruby Roo!


  1. sweet ruby roo! :) hey it's your table. write or draw all over it. the other day i was drooling over your hand painted plates. i also like your lipstick holder. tessa, did you make that? it looks so much like your art. you have such a distinctive style with girl faces.

  2. Oh thanks for saying you like the painted plates! They are super fun! And no, I didn't make the lipstick holder, but you are right - it does look like my art! I actually first saw the lipstick holder at an antique store for $100 (so expensive!) so I went home and found the same one on eBay for $10! I was so excited, ha ha. :)


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