From Sketchbook to Canvas

Here is a little photo explanation about how I come up with things to paint... First the idea starts in the sketchbook.  I draw a lot, and sometimes the ideas seem to come out of thin air, while other times they evolve out of many drawings. 

The drawing then becomes a rough painting:

And finally, I refine the painting with black lines:

Here is a detail shot:

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my process!  
How do you get your ideas for what to paint?

I also want to give a huge thank you to those of you who sent your good vibes and prayers Ruby Roo's way this weekend after I tweeted about my pup having trouble using her back legs and having a limp.   The good news is that she is doing a lot better now!  She is playing, no longer has a limp, and is up to her old tricks of being happy and bouncy.  She still needs help when jumping up to a high spot, but hopefully she will get better soon, and if she isn't jumping up high by the end of the week, we'll take her to the vet again.  Thank you for all your messages and support!!  It means a lot to me and to Ruby Roo.

Have a creative day!!


  1. This is a great post! I feel like I haven't really made that connection yet between the sketchbook and finished works. I doubt my abilities to actually render something twice - once was tricky enough! How you do know when you want to pursue a picture beyond the sketchbook phase? Do you find that sometimes your sketchbook is enough? Very interesting topic!

  2. Ooh, those are great questions, and this certainly is an interesting topic. For me, I never go into a sketch thinking it will become a painting. I just draw in my sketchbooks for the sake of drawing, then a few days later, when I am ready to paint, I comb the sketchbooks for "material." A lot of times the sketchbook is enough, but sometimes there is a drawing that screams out "Paint me!" when I look through my books... :)


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