A New Creative Space in Town, Photobooth Pictures, and Some Mid-Week Link Love...

 I tried to take a picture of my fancy shoes, and all I got was this adorable puppy photo...

First off, I want to tell you about my weekend.  I have been a workaholic lately working on my website, blog, Etsy, eBay, drawing, painting, as well as a few top secret projects and things that I can't talk about yet...  Needless to say, I don't get out much these days, ha ha.  BUT this past weekend, I did take some time off and went out to my friend Kim's opening party for her new sewing and craft studio space, Sew Make Do.  Here is a quick photo I snapped at the opening, right before enjoying a delicious mini red velvet cupcake, yum...  

I am so excited for Kim and her awesome new space!!  I was flattered that she even had a piece of my artwork up - so cool to have a piece of my work in such a great, inspiring place.

Here's a quick snap of what I wore:
Dress: Francesca's; Necklace: I made it!, Shrug: Thrifted

After the opening, my friend Amber and I decided go to The Top, one of my favorite bars/restaurants in town.  We were about to leave, but on the way out, we passed the photo booth, and neither of us could pass up the opportunity to sit in the little booth with the red or blue backgrounds and have some vintage looking photos to take home with us...  I think planning the four poses ahead of time was a winning move.  (We did "shocked," "scared of each other," "super happy," and "plain.") 

I also wanted to share some fun links today that I have been looking at lately.  I have been finding so much inspiration online lately; it's wonderful!

Jenny Owen Youngs has a new video out, and it's amazing - both the visuals and the music. I can't wait for her new album!!

I stumbled upon the show Cash & Cari for the first time last week.  It's all about estate sales.  I'm hooked.

Did you know that Martha Stewart has some new office products coming out?  They look great!

This post by Abby Kerr is from last summer, but I just discovered it, and it really resonated with me and makes me want to read the book this post is based on.

Another great discovery this week for me was Creative Living with Jamie, a great series of talks with talented and creative people that I have been listening to constantly. 

The Alt Summit just wrapped up, and I would love to go one year! In the meantime, I am drooling over the speakers list and am clicking on all the links in their bios to find out more about them - what a group of inspiring people!

I have loved The Jealous Curator (one of the speakers at Alt Summit - so cool!) blog for quite some time, and I am so excited about the new Girl Crush project - where you can meet some awesome artists!  I wish I could go to one; the lineup is fantastic!!  It was all based on this post and the comment reactions to the post, a must read. 

Want some video inspiration?  Check out The Future Belongs to the Curious...

And finally, check out this post on Art House Coop's Tumblr!  See my sketchbook in the group?  So exciting!  Lots of love to Art House for posting my sketchbook video's Vimeo link on their Facebook page the other day - I was so flattered and excited!


  1. Yay for pretty shoes! And for finding time to support friends in their creative adventures. ;-)

  2. I just saw this! I had so much fun that night! Can't wait to do it again. We are both so busy lately!

  3. I know, me too!! It was a really fun night. :)


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