Introducing The 30 Goslings in 30 Days Challenge!

I plan to draw 30 portraits of Ryan Gosling in 30 Days in an effort to become better at portrait drawing, better at drawing men (I always draw women.), and better at capturing the soul of Ryan Gosling.

Visit the dedicated project blog here:

Here are the first two days of Goslings and what I learned while drawing each one:

Gosling No. 1:

What I Learned About Ryan:
*Man, he has some friendly eyes.
*He can really rock a collar.
*It’s like his smile is encouraging me to draw him, saying, “You can do it! I know you can.”
*I do love his chin dimple thing.

What I Learned About Drawing:
*It’s hard to draw facial hair without making a dude look homeless and dirty.
*I hate drawing his chin dimple thing.

This drawing looks 6% like Ryan Gosling. I still have a long way to go….


Gosling No. 2:

What I Learned About Ryan:

*Ryan is more fun to draw than his jacket.
*His lips always look chapped.
*His perfection is really hard to capture in a drawing.

What I Learned About Drawing:

*Again, facial hair is super hard to draw. Need to find a clean shaven Gosling to draw next time (even though I like him better with facial hair).
*I’m too scared to add ink to the portrait part of the drawing… Maybe next time?

This drawing looks 10% like Ryan Gosling. Better than the first attempt, I think 


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