VIDEO: My Submission for The Sketchbook Project 2012

To start the week off right, I wanted to share  a short video of my submission for The Sketchbook Project 2012.  If you haven't heard of this project, please visit Art House Coop's page explaining the project here.  You can join in the fun with their new Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition.

Here is what I did to my blank sketchbook:

1. I added masking tape to the pages randomly to work as a design element and to strengthen the thin paper of the sketchbook.  This paper is fine for drawing, but I knew I wanted to paint with acrylic + water, so I needed my pages to be thick and sturdy, especially at the gutters of each page.

2. I chose a three color palette and just played with color and acrylic paint and water, not thinking about the end result.  This created the backgrounds for each of the pages.  Super fun!

3. Next, I drew the rope that continues throughout the entire book with a thick sharpie and a thin sharpie.

4. I wanted to draw on something that had some tone and was a bit translucent, so the backgrounds could be seen through the drawings.  I chose my cream colored tracing paper.  The theme I picked from Art House Coop's options was "Time Traveler," so I picked out some photos from my massive collection of found photographs and family photographs, and I sketched them in pencil onto the translucent paper.  Then I inked them up with my sharpies and erased the pencil lines.

5. I cut out my drawings, pasted them in, and called it a day.  I am so happy with the finished piece, and I hope you enjoyed watching the video!

What will you draw in your sketchbook this week?
Leave a comment below and tell me!  I'd love to hear...


  1. your book sounds great from your description, but unfortunately I cannot see the video. do you have photographs of your sketchbook?


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