Things that Go Well with Stove-Top Popcorn

Thanks for all of the fantastic movie recommendations, everyone! You came up with a lot of titles that I hadn't heard of, and you also reminded me of a lot of really good movies I need to put on my "rewatch again and again" list... Everyone definitely helped pad my Netflix list, so I've got a lot of good things to watch as I sew and draw - yay!!

So I thought I'd recommend some back to you...

1. Rebecca is one of my very favorite new-to-me movies that I've watched recently. It's based on the Daphne du Maurier novel of the same title (which just happens to be my mom's favorite book... I need to read the novel, too!). It is an Alfred Hitchcock film, and it won the Oscar for Picture of the Year in 1940, and I can definitely see why! It's full of amazing imagery (the fantastical setting, the gorgeous vintage gowns, the moodiness that only Hitchcock can create...) and so many twists and turns, it will make your head spin! What's amazing to me is that so many movies today are really formulaic, but the storyline of Rebecca is truly unique and so original.

2. Happenstance is the cutest movie ever. It stars Audrey Tatou, and it will charm you almost as much as Amelie did! I don't want to give too much away about the plot, so I will just say that the movie's title tells all. It's a film about coincidences and, well, happenstance... (In French with subtitles.)

3. Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are probably my two favorite movies of all time, along with Reality Bites, and I could watch those three movies over and over again every day... And it's not just because Ethan Hawke and I have had a very one-sided romantic relationship since 1994. While Reality Bites is just plain fun, Before Sunrise & Sunset are just plain real - they encapsulate what it's like to be in your twenties (Sunrise) and your thirties (Sunset) perfectly, and they do it with storylines that are compelling and fabulously acted. They both star Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, with 10 or so years in between production, and the second movie continues the story of the lead characters all those years later. Again, I don't want to give away too much, but OMG how I love these movies...

4. Arist biopics. I've been known to have a serious "thing" with artist biopics... So I'm going to list some of my many favorites, and hopefully you'll find one or two you haven't yet seen: In the Realms of the Unreal (Have you seen this?! Do you love it?! It's about outsider artist Henry Darger.), Sylvia, Frida, Basquiat (Four words: David Bowie plays Warhol!!!), I am Trying to Break Your Heart (Wilco), Pollock, the Art:21 Series (new season coming soon on PBS!), and the Art City series (I loved seeing Elizabeth Peyton's studio.).

5. Junebug has meer cats, an outsider artist, beautiful film shots, and an atypical storyline. I love it for all of those reasons. Amy Adams' acting was awesome, too!

6. The Shape of Things is really interesting and unique. I don't want to tell you anything about the plot. Don't even read the box, just rent it and watch. Be sure to watch it with someone, too, since it's an interesting conversation starter. It's also an artsy flick, and because it was adapted from a stage play, the acting and script are both a bit over-the-top, but the plotline is fantastic.

7. Lost in Translation is yet another frequent re-watch for me. I think the gorgeous cinematography and color schemes typical of Sophia Coppola films are what really makes this movie for me, and I always find that watching it calms me down when I need it.

8. High Fidelity is another one I watch when I need a de-stresser. Why is it that watching John Cusack freak out and panic about love and life has a somewhat soothing effect on me? Maybe because his problems aren't mine...?

9. Great Expectaions is a faux artist biopic that stars Mr. Hawke. Two guesses why I like this one?

10. TV on DVD: Freaks and Geeks (created by Judd Apatow and simply the best TV that ever aired, so of course it only lasted one season...a must watch!), Undeclared (also by Apatow Productions), Arrested Development, Felicity, Big Love, Nip/Tuck, South Park, and Gilmore Girls...

That's it for now... I've been covered in silkscreen ink, working really, really hard to make new things for the shop and the holiday season. I can't show you all the new stuff yet, because I'm doing a surprise swap with Ms. Lauren Smash, and I don't want to spoil any of the fun...

Have fun watching new movie goodness!


  1. Great's a rainy dreary watch a movie kinda of day here @ good girls studio...all work & no play can turn even the good girls bad :)

  2. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Ooooh! movies! :) I looooove Lost in Translation! And Junebug was good, favorite animal is the meer cat! Ha! There are quite a few that I've yet to yeay!! :)

    Happy Friday Tesssa!

  3. Thanks for all the movie recommendations! I've only watched Rebecca, which IS a great movie.

  4. Interesting list! Happenstance sounds like something I'll definitely have to hunt down later, since we LOVED Amelie ;)

    Great screenshot from Lost in Translation - that movie did very strange things to my head ;), like a more 'mainstream' and normal version of the head trip from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

  5. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Hi Tessa,
    It's been a while so I just thought I'd stop by and say hi. I must check out Freaks and Geeks - LOVED Knocked up - hae you seen it? is that Sam from ER in that photo? Not that I'm an ER junkie or anything...

  6. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Yes yes and YES!! I still have Rebecca checked out from halloween. I love that the library lets us renew on the computer! Oh, Great Exp. is one of my favorite, Chickaboom!! Oh most of these yes, and thanks for more watching tips.. ps: LOVE stove top popcorn!!! xoxo

  7. Hey thanks, that was a whole lot of work you did for us!

  8. Hey! I wanted to tell you that I finally got myself a sewing machine! I have a pic of it on my's just a basic machine, but I got it for $55 at Kohl's. I can't wait to get sewing. How have you been?

  9. I absolutely love Freaks and Geeks too!
    Now I'm going to check out the others.


  10. Just came upon this...LOVE everything this list! Great taste.

  11. I too love Rebecca, but haven't seen it in a while... better fix that!

    Reality Bites is another GREAT one!!

    Movies I can watch over and over are:
    Some Kind of Wonderful (Love Eric Stoltz!)
    The Breakfast Club
    Kicking and Screaming (1995 NOT 2005)
    The Others
    The Ring

    And I LOVE musicals while I'm sewing . . so I can sing along! My favs in this genre:
    Funny Girl - epsecially love (Don't rain on my parade!!)
    Sweeney Todd
    Moulon Rouge
    Jesus Christ Superstar
    Little Miss Broadway (Shirly Temple)

    I love foreign films, although I can't work while watching since I have to read! I can't remember the name of some of my favs though since the titles aren't easy to remember!

    TV Shows I download:
    Cold Case
    CSI Las Vegas
    Saturday Night Live
    The Office


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