Ruby Roo is Hiding from a Forkfighter . . .

Roo has been in hiding amidst all the piles of clothing and fabric and yarn populating her living space...

The good news is that I haven't been missing from blogland due to poor health anymore (It's getting better, I think!), but I've been so busy working on new, fun things that I haven't had a chance to post until now! I've also been teaching a ton during the weeknights (two beginning silkscreen classes, an advanced silkscreen class, experimental painting, and experimental drawing), so that's been keeping me really busy.

I've been sketching a lot, coming up with new imagery, burning new screens, screen printing at home and at work, painting, sewing, knitting... It's been great, and I feel so much more like myself being this busy and making stuff constantly! The only thing I've been lazy about is posting some of the new stuff I made for my Etsy shop... I always procrastinate about taking pictures and listing the stuff, since the making is so much more fun. I don't enjoy the "businessey" side of things, and Ruby Roo isn't too adept at the computer yet (She's only 1 and a half!), so my little assistant can't help me out with that one just yet.

Here's one new shirt that I did get a chance to post, and it's The Forkfighter, who goes into every battle with his trusty giant fork:

Okay, I'm off to work a little bit more on some sewing stuff, but I'll be back soon with some pictures of more new goodies...


  1. that ruby roo is so darn cute!
    hello! I owe you one very long in depth letter!
    I'm so glad to read that your are feeling better and spending time back in the studio. And you are screen printing again. What a good sign!
    Keep up the productivity and I'll be in contact with you soon!

  2. oh! the fork fighter is excellent!
    and regardless your unbusinessy side, you must share these with the world at large!!

    and i am sure that lovely little Roo will make the most excellent assistant, given time...for now, its all fun and merriment, and who could blame such a cute little doggie for that ;))

  3. Anonymous3:38 PM

    oh!! That's so neat!! He reminds me of the White Knight in Alice.....I've always adored he always rolls off the sweet! Glad your feeling better!! :)


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