Rainy Day Productivity

It's been raining allllll morning and all day so far, so I have just been stuck in the house working on lots of new prints and things for Etsy! I've already got a bunch of new prints fresh from the printer and ready to put in my shop, as well as some fun new skirts and some shirts for guys to post, and I think I'm going to post one or two every day for the next couple of weeks. Here's some of the newness:

These are digital prints I made from a series of silkscreen monoprints based on a woman's home economics scrapbooks from the 1940's:

Here's a new little silkscreen in the shop... A twin of this print is currently traveling the country on exhibit, and when it's done showing itself off in the U.S., it's going all the way to Denmark!

This is a new purse in the shop that was made with silkscreen and hand painting. That's me in my living room with some gorgeous art in the background made by the following folks: Vinylmonster, Ashley G, Marmeecraft, The Black Apple, Luxedesign, and Lightleaks.

Ooh, and real quick, while Roo is sleeping, here's an embarrassing shot of her that I took outside a few weeks ago:

I was supposed to do a visiting artist lecture this weekend in conjunction with my solo show in Panama City, FL, but it seems like the scheduling is going to be too tight, so I'm going to plan on coming in next semester. I'm really excited but nervous, too, since I've never done the whole visiting artist thing before. I remember I *loved* the visiting artists talks that were given when I was in college, so I hope the kids are able to get some inspiration and ideas from me! At least this will give me more time to plan...

My solo show is called "It's Easy When You're Bright," and I should be getting some of the pieces back in the next few weeks, so maybe one or two will make their way into the shop...

Okay, it's back to work for me...I've got another hour and a half to play before going in to teach silkscreen for five hours straight...


  1. yay! A blind swap sounds great! :D

  2. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Ooooh! Solo Show!! How wonderful!! Congrats on that! : )

    And I see my painting there! HOW NEAT!! I am always thrilled to see my little whimsies in their new homes. :)

    Your new prints are wonderful! And the Bag!! : )

    And the RAIN!! Oh how wonderful!! The frogs have been happily croaking outside our windows all day!

    Have a lovely day!! :)

  3. Anonymous3:23 PM

    I sooo wish I was in your silk screening class!! Yay to fun art on your wall!!

    Swoon to solo shows!!!! How wonderful!!

    xoxoxo (love the snippet of you!)

  4. i love those digital prints, especially the one with the hands - so elegant and striking:)

    and of course, congratulations on the show!


  5. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Just stopping in for a Hellloooo, how are ya miss sweetie... xxo

  6. Ah Roo is cute but definitely a littl e stubborn ;) Congrats on your show and your new round of prints! I love 1940s imagery too, something so natural yet crisply designed about it, especially the clothing designer images on sewing patterns.

    Thanks again for the link on the bunnies, glad you are enjoying them bouncing around your workspaces ;)


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