Unfortunately, the Doctors Couldn't Save Any of Ken's Fingers

...after the attack!

Ken lies on a bed of newly printed t-shirts. This was after only 10 minutes of hanging out with Ruby Roo!

This photo's for you, Moogan! :)


  1. i love it, love it! thanks for posting destructed ken

  2. Thanks! :) Ken's taking a break for now, but he may get attacked again in the near future...

  3. That's hilarious! My dog chews up everything. Most recently was gift certificates! But that Ken doll makes me feel old...when did Ken get real hair? I must have missed it.

  4. Oh no - gift certificates?! For some reason, Ruby loves to eat those $4 off any item at CVS coupons! They're the only paper she's eaten. If she would just let them be, I could use the $4 to get her some treats!

    Yeah, I have no idea when Ken got a coif! Definitely better than the unstylish plastic hair from my era... :)

  5. Too good! Ruby Roo has her own interprative art; modeling men!


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