Art Motivation & Creative Inspiration // What Drives You To Make Art? #artideas #artmotivation #creativity #creativeinspiration

Here are some thoughts about art motivation and creative inspiration... What drives you to make art? // #creativepeptalk #artinspiration #creativemotivation #artistlife

I’m curious… What drives you to make art?

For me, I make art because it truly brings me so much joy.  Once I get past the initial stages of insecurity (“What if I make a bad drawing?”  “What if I disappoint myself and become discouraged?”), I am always amazed at how calm and meditative each drawing session can be, and that makes me so happy!

I also feel called to make art.  It’s this inner nag that is always telling me to make stuff, like a craving or an itch that needs to be scratched…  

I feel like the world needs more art, more beautiful things, more self-expression… Especially when times are tough and things are scary.  Art, in any of its forms, can be so comforting because it helps us relate to each other and the world around us in new and distinctive ways.

I love to make art and share it online because I always hope that it will inspire others to make art of their own and express themselves creatively in any way they can.  We are all so unique yet so similar, and what we make always reflects this…  I love to see all the different perspectives and ways of seeing that are out there in the world.  I love that we can come together online and share our unique points of view with each other.


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