I Need Your Suggestions...

I need your advice on what apps I should download to my new phone, lol! My previous phone was basically an antique, and I only had space for about 5 apps at any given time. If I wanted a new app, I had to delete an old app. So I really don't know what is our there at all, haha. 

I'm interested in ALL THE THINGS - productivity apps, art apps, cute games, etc. Thanks in advance for any recommendations!! 

In case you were curious, my new phone is a Google Pixel 3 XL. I got an awesome deal on it, and since I've used iPhones since forever, I was worried about the transition. So far, I love this phone and wish I had switched so much sooner!!

I posted this same question on my Instagram account and got some great responses!  I am still in the process of checking out all of the suggestions, but so far my favorite new app that was suggested is Habitica.  It's a productivity app that tracks your daily tasks and awards you with health and experience points when you complete the things on your list, sorta like a video game does!  Super fun and motivating.  I'm already on Level 3!

I also got a new custom PopSocket for my phone... It's got this sweet picture of Ruby Roo on it dressed as a cactus, of course!

I hope this picture made you smile!  It always makes me so happy, haha.


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