Confessions of a Drawing Addict // Drawing Ideas // Art Motivation #howtomakeart #drawingideas #artinspiration

This is a post about artistic self doubt and creative motivation centered on my ideas about drawing and self expression. // Drawing Ideas // How To Make Art #creativepeptalks #artmotivation #meettheartist

Do you ever feel that tangible need to make something? It twists up your insides and makes you crave creativity just like you would crave chocolate chip cookies. You feel like you might rip all of your hair out if you aren't able to make something at some point today, even just for ten minutes. Even if it's just a crayon sketch that turns out kinda crappy…

I get that feeling a lot. 

Sometimes I go for a while without having the time to draw. The longer I stay away from drawing, the harder it is to get back into it, but that need for creativity never goes away. 

I build up walls of anxiety around drawing. I procrastinate. I make excuses up in my head. I worry that after such a long absence from drawing, I will be terrible at it and it will be unfulfilling. It could turn out to be a waste of paper and ink, so why spend the time doing it?  Why even bother?

Then one day I pick up my favorite pencil or pen, and it's like I can't stop drawing again. I become addicted. 

I have been soooo addicted to drawing lately!! What is your latest creative obsession?


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