Dreaming of Art

Do you dream in color?  I know I do...

Lately, I've found myself dreaming of art - for example, last night, I was in a Glee-style duet with one of my favorite artists, and today I wake up to find out I will be able to meet that same artist in person at an event I am going to in a few months! Maybe next I will dream up some winning lottery numbers...

My favorite type of art dreams are the ones that involve actual art pieces in them.  Since they are my dreams, I know I am the one who came up with some of the great art I've seen in dreams.  One of my favorite dreams was going to a store full of art that I had made in the future.  It was full of portrait paintings, finished sketchbooks, collages, refinished artsy furniture, and more!  So much fun and so visually stunning.  I wish I'd written down more about it when I woke up so that I'd remember it better.  And I wish I'd sketched out some of those dreamy future artworks!

Here's a little creative art/writing prompt for you!  Keep your journal close to your bed, and write down your dreams as soon as you wake up.  The sooner, the better, or else you might forget them!  If your dream ended abruptly, write down what you think would happen next…  Sketch out a few of the scenes in your dream to the best of your ability.  Don't worry too much if the drawings don't look perfect, just get something down for prosperity's sake!

I took the photo above using an app for my cell phone that lets you do two exposures in one frame - a little digital lomography!  It's a photo of my living room and my bedroom in one.  So much fun...


  1. I'm loving this topic! Because it's actually something that has been happening to me lately where I dream of very bold images, and thankfully I write about them in my "morning pages" and plan on using these to make art pieces in the future

  2. That is such a cool idea! You dreamed up the artwork, so why not make them real pieces? Awesome!! :)

  3. yes, I also see color in dream

  4. Thank you for visiting, Shahana! Glad to have you here.

  5. I figured out how to follow you! Your site is so fun!

  6. Yay! Thanks for following! :)


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