Artistic Doubts

You with the sad eyes...

Don't be discouraged...

I wrote the entry below in my sketchbook/journal today. I'm at the tail end of my sinus/ear infection extravaganza, so maybe my mood was a bit low. I'm working on a few top secret projects lately and felt a bit discouraged today, but I'm pushing through it...

What do you do when it all seems discouraging - this big art thing?

Like everyone else is better than you, and all your ideas have been done before...

Like sometimes you don't know what to SAY with your artwork, because everything good/interesting/inspiring has already been said and done to death.

You go online and see artists who are younger than you and are WAY more successful than you think you'll ever be.

What do you do with the bad feeling in the pit of your stomach and those negative voices that tell you that you shouldn't quit your day job, not now, not ever?

*Breathe. Realize that you're not the only one with these doubts.

*Focus. Push everything else aside - the negative voices, the instinct to COMPARE yourself to other artists.

*Don't give up on the dream: it's your goal, it's your life.

--> Back the the drawing board for me.

I guess this whole artistic doubt thing is something that every artist goes through from time to time... What are some of your coping mechanisms that get you back into the sketchbook or onto the easel after a period of melancholy and doubt?


  1. Tessa! You are so talented. I love your art and I look up to you! I remember after our PEI trip, I looked again at your etsy shop and your blog (because it is so different when you know the person and there's context to the pieces) and I said "OH MY GOODNESS, this is Tessa's art?!" I almost felt dumb that I didn't connect it during the trip. To me, I see real tangible art and potential in you. I dabble and enjoy myself without a real focus but YOU really have talent. I love the faces you draw and paint. I think they would make an amazing tattoo! (I may have to ask you for permission one day...) and with the ability to screenprint on fabric, the possibilities become even more great!

    You are a wonderful artist. Keep making things and enjoy the process. You have the talent.

    I think you are just great.


  2. Aww you're right hun. Everyone feels this way at some point. I know I do. Just keep going in the direction you want to go. One small step at a time. You don't need to worry on the hugeness of your dreams. It can be very scary. Instead just focus on the next step and then the next and before you know it you'll be living your dreams in a way even better than you could have imagined. ;)

    Loving your posts! Give yourself a pat on the back for all the work you've already done. You're on your way. Enjoy the process.




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