Three Sketchbook Ladies

The soundtrack for today is Neko Case, Lady Antebellum, and The Kills... a varied mix.

I've been making art for most of the day, working on some (secret) stuff for an art trade with a friend. We are doing a surprise trade, where we each send each other the same amount of mystery goodies. No pictures of this top secret stuff yet!

I was tagged by cat of CiTiEs of B to answer this fun little survey, so here it is:

favorite band/artist: kay hanley
favorite video: music video? i don't really have one...
favorite movie: Reality Bites.
favorite book: Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood
favorite designer/label:
anything found on Etsy, i love vintage anything; not really a label kinda girl...
favorite festival:
Art Basel
favorite TV-show:
Project Runway
favorite person/icon:
My dog
favorite city/country:
favorite moment ever:
making art

I'm not sure who to tag next, so if you read this and have a blog, please consider yourself tagged (but only if you want to be!) and answer the survey on your blog. Be sure to comment here to tell me that you answered the questions - I'd love to see your answers on your blog! :)
But again, no pressure, totally optional!

Hope your weekend is going well so far...


  1. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Tessa- these three sketches are great! I love the braids in the first one- so inventive! Fantastic job on all of them.
    Your comments were fun- and I enjoyed reading them. I'll slide on the tagging- but I'd love to read anyone else comments! So glad you had an art day- you deserve it!! And what a lucky friend to get secret trade stuff. That is so much fun to do.

  2. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Reality Bites! LOVE that movie :) The soundtrack is on my iPod right now ha.

  3. love the soundtrack you have chosen for today! and the ladies are lovely, as usual! ;)


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