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I'm working on my big zine book journal diary sketchbook thing. It doesn't have a title yet. Sometimes it is fun, and sometimes it is painful. I think it gets painful when I over think things and want it to be the most perfect piece of art I've ever made. That is a goal that is way too lofty, and I need to work on keeping it simple and letting the ideas flow naturally. I work best intuitively, and I need to remember that even when making something as linear as a book.

This photo is of what was page 64, but now it has moved somewhere else... It has also been reworked slightly. If it's too small to see, the text reads, "She carried her journal everywhere she went. Helen, age 17." I used to carry my journal everywhere too, but now I write less and less in it since there is blogger and facebook and twitter and a million other ways to express yourself and record your life online. I collect vintage diaries, scrapbooks, and photo albums. I love to see how people documented their lives before the internet, and I often wonder how different my life and art would be now if it had never been invented. I know I lived (and wrote school papers - ack!) in a time before the internet, but now it is so intrinsically part of our daily lives that it is hard to imagine art and life not being influenced by what we see on these screens.

How would your world be different today if the internet never existed?


  1. I would be really bored and minus some awesome peeps :D

  2. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Great post and great question! One I think about a lot. Remarkably- I don't have an answer. I'd like to think I'd still be doing art- but without the internet- I'd probably be more of a reader and writer.
    I suspect your journal will turn out great- and I'm glad you're giving yourself permission to just be intuitive. Perfect art is rather boring- don't you think? : ))

  3. nice post and good question i always wonder how we did without internet ? i guess i will be sending more letters and postcards, read more... but share less my draws and paintings

  4. no internet?! ahhhhhh!
    well, for one thing, without it, i wouldn't be able to discover so many blog friends! ;)

  5. Anonymous12:15 PM

    You know, I think we'd get along fine without it. I mean, it's a luxury more than anything. I went through all of high school without the Internet--we used computers for word processing only :)

  6. Happy Valentine's Day and thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Wow... no Internet? I certainly wouldn't have all the like-minded friends I have! Great question!
    Have a wonderful day.


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