Self Portrait

Thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments and support for my decision to go to grad school! I really appreciate all the kind words, and I am so, so excited for this new journey. I can't wait to be making art nonstop and learning more...

Above is a piece I made yesterday for a self portrait show I am going to be a part of. I used paper from a piano roll and screenprinted an image of myself knitting. I did that drawing a while ago and took many photos for it - especially of the hands - getting someone to look like they are really knitting in a drawing isn't easy! I also gave the screenprint a weathered look by spraying it with some water. There are fragments of an old photograph collaged onto the piece too, since a lot of my work is about weaving together personal histories of bygone eras. The paper looks kinda wrinkly in the scanner (oops), but it looks a lot better in real life! It's been a while since I've made a piece of art that was more than just a sketch in a sketchbook, and it felt good to work this way again. I was surprised that I was able to just sit down and make something without overthinking it and wanting it to be so perfect, especially after being out of the studio for so long.

I thought I was totally over my cold/sinus infection thing, but today at work I started to feel horrible and had to leave early. I got some extra medicine on the way home and am starting to feel better now - yay!


  1. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Very thoughtful piece :)

  2. I've never thought to use old roll paper like that. Where did you find it? I think it turned out wonderfully!

  3. very nice and such a good idear

  4. I LOVE that portrait!!! Your hands look great!!!

  5. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Such a meaningful piece! I like how all of the layers capture the essence of you. And you nailed the hands knitting!! You didn't over think this work- and it turned out perfect. : )) Take good care of yourself and you'll continue to be on the mend.

  6. Love the new piece... I like how you integrated everything together!

    ps. yay for cold meds... get well soon!

  7. I love your self-portrait, and the hands look really good. It's very unique!

    It's cool that you're going back to grad school; I recently made the same decision to go get my MFA in illustration.


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