Vote for ROO!

Remember when I made some fabric based on my puppy, Ruby Roo, on
Maybe this will refresh your memory...

The fabric was nominated for Spoonflower's weekly design contest - yay! Roo and I are so excited, and we hope you will vote for her here. The winner will get a huge amount of their own fabric, and the farbic will be produced and put on sale for a week. So exciting!!

Right now, she is in last place, and that is just plain wrong!

Thanks for your help, and pass the message on to your friends... :)


  1. you are right, that is most certainly plain wrong!

    she does look a tad miffed in this photo, and i dont blame her.

    all together now: ROO ROCKS! OK?

    i love love love this little doggie, and that hot pink tee in the post above is super special, too:)

  2. Oh that fabric is just too cute! Adorable puppy too!

    I wish I hadn't been too late to vote!


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