VIDEO: Silk Screen Studio Tour!

My messy studio bursting with prints!

I had a little art victory at the end of last week: I successfully figured out how to burn new silk screen images right in my very own home. I used to have to go to an art studio with special facilities for this, but luckily, now I can do it without leaving the house! I was so excited that it went off without a hitch on the very first try. I thought it would be months of trial and error to perfect the process and equipment... Who knew it could be so easy? I was able to burn 3 images: parts one and two of a "Craft is Love" print and the "Lady Lady" print you see below.

Other than that, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first package of metal clay, which is supposed to get here tomorrow. I've been wanting to try this stuff for about a year, and I finally took the plunge and bought all of the supplies. I seriously can't wait! I love working with polymer clays, so I'm hoping it will be easy to transition to metal clay. I'm really excited to use a torch to fire these pieces, too!

Here is a scan of the finished "Lady Lady" print, up for sale here:


  1. Very cool! I love seeing artist's spaces/studios! Your work is fantastic, by the way!

  2. Wow, what a fabulous blog you have!! I look forward to your updates. =)

  3. Soooo-
    You won a pair of Holly Golightly earplugs, you lucky girl you! Send me your shipping info and I'll put them in the post.
    Thanks for playing!

  4. Hi Tessa,

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. It's very nice to meet you :)


  5. Keep us informed on your progress with metal clay.

  6. Love the tour! Thanks so much!!

  7. Tessa,

    What a "coincidence" that I found your blog today:-) I've been trying to make my own screens at home using directions from a place on the web I can no longer find! So, I've been exposing for all different times from 10 min to 2 min and it aint happening:-( Any thoughts?

    BTW, love seeing another "real" studio. Those pics of the ones all cleaned up make me burp!!!


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