Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Your Girl

This is a new print of a small painting I did that will be available in the shop later tonight. It's called, "I'm Your Girl," and was done with silkscreen, acrylic, transfers, and paint pen on wood with spackle and caulk. It was really fun to make, and despite the fact that it was only supposed to be an "experiment," I ended up turning it into a completed piece.

In other news, I've been silkscreening like a crazy person, and this trend is likely to last all night...possibly all week! I'm working on some new silkscreen/painting combos, as well as tons of clothes scattered all around the studio. I'll let you know how things progress...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Estate Sale Jackpot

It's official: last Friday, I hit the estate sale jackpot. I got a HUGE overflowing box of antique goodness for a price so cheap that I still can't even believe it. Here are just a few tiny peeks...

A loose drawing found in one of three (THREE!) giant drawing pads filled with art and vintage papers creates a backdrop for two beautiful diaries from the 1800's that I haven't had a chance to read yet.

A glimpse inside one of the big drawing pads shows tons of loose artwork and this great handsewn lace piece mounted on orange cardboard.

A selection from one of the smaller sketchbooks as well as another random loose piece...

I didn't even mention the victorian picture frame, the vintage clothing, a photo album, handmade finger puppets, or many of the other old but wonderful treasures I found at this old house. This will be a hard sale to top!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One Quick Thing


That was part of the screenprinting blitz of last week; more to come soon. I spent today sleeping in/recovering from a very good but very busy weekend that was also just a little bit strange. An estate sale, parties, art openings, a barbeque, a huge booksale, a creep at work, some long phone calls... I'm really tired. But in a good way.

Tomorrow I should be full force again. (Hopefully!)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Should Lie to You.

I should tell you that my studio is never this messy... But if things are going well creatively, then it IS always this messy! So let's hope it stays messy for awhile.

Stacks of silkscreens everywhere... even a whole row of them on the top part of the closet behind the pretty Victorian lady portrait!

Excuse the crazy lighting in the photo - I forgot to change a light setting on my camera. My studio assistant sits in her little perch, keeping an eye on everything.

I've been silkscreening on anything and everything lately, and it's been great! I got a bunch of new images burned and ready, and I started test printing them the other day. I'm really happy with the results, and I should be posting them on here as well as updating the store very soon. Lots of new treats are coming in the following month! A few quick tees, and a few more involved projects as well...

Monday, April 16, 2007

I Can't Believe I Watch This Show!

Oh, but I do. I watch "The Bachelor." I'm not ashamed to say it.

I just got back from the silkscreen studios to burn a screen for a custom order and to check and make sure the new emulsion they got was working all right. It was actually *better* than the old stuff - washed out faster, the images looked cleaner, and I'm pretty much thrilled about it! I stayed until we had to close, but you can bet I will be back in there tomorrow night enjoying that awesome new stuff. I guess this is a certain type of joy only a fellow silkscreener could understand?

The t-shirt photo is an example of one of my last two recent additions to the shop...I'm going to be adding one item per night for the rest of the week, and I'll be posting them between 7pm and 8pm, so keep your eyes out for shiny new things!

In other news, I thought you should know that the pup is especially cute today. This is her, "I don't know what you're saying, but I'm trying desperately to figure it out" look:

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Go Ahead, Try and Steal This One!

Or don't! It's copyrighted. Just like this stuff...

I found that link after following a few threads on Emily's "(Inside A Black Apple)" blog.

Stealin' art...
Interesting, no?
Frightening, to say the least!

Ugh, that type of thing makes me *so* mad!! This is something I'm very interested in at the moment due to some old acquaintances from art school who continue to "find a great deal of inspiration" in my artwork, my processes, and even in my art-related employment! It seems they continue to follow my career very closely, despite us all having graduated several years ago. They also check my portfolio website a lot. I mean, A LOT...

Okay, before this turns into something that resembles a rant (I can feel my blood start to boil when I start thinking about my "followers."), I will show you the "IT" in question. (Remember, the thing you should just try to steal?)

It's this sweet tiger bag I made for my awesome friend Steph:

Look! It's a personalized tag! I'm really proud of this little tag and pocket, because this bag is only about the 10th thing I've ever sewn in life. I just got my first sewing machine a few months ago and have been pretty frightened of it until lately. I think I've almost *conquered* it! Or, at least, my fears of it.

Okay, please excuse the fact that these photos were taken super quickly with no regards to lighting (or ironing!), but besides the silkscreened image, I would think the bag itself would resist stealing. Who would try to cross a tiger that ferocious?!

Sweet! The lining doubles as an extra little pocket on the front! I know my sewing is still a bit rickety, but I'm proud of this bag - it's the first thing I've made for someone else (besides me or the dog...or gross ex-boyfriends we dare not speak of).

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Unfortunately, the Doctors Couldn't Save Any of Ken's Fingers

...after the attack!

Ken lies on a bed of newly printed t-shirts. This was after only 10 minutes of hanging out with Ruby Roo!

This photo's for you, Moogan! :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sick as a...

...sickeningly cute puppy dog? Yet another sinus infection renders me useless! All I can do today is upload cute pictures of Ruby Roo, my almost-one-year-old dog. My apologies if she is too cute for you to handle...

Ken has no idea what he's in store for...

What? Me and Ken are just hangin' out!

Attack dog!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Feed Me?

Happy Eastertime, to those of you who celebrate that sort of thing. I celebrated by dorking it up and making cute stuff...

...what did you do?

Monday, April 02, 2007

No, I Don't Follow the Show...

...But these shirts WILL be made by the end of the week by my friend Heather and myself. And, no, Heather does not watch the show either.

Some shirts that I am trading with a fellow Etsy seller...