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So I have really gotten back in action after all of that icky health stuff... I'm so excited that Fall is here, and I have started knitting my Christmas presents for the year already. It was thrilling to wear a sweater for the first time this season last week! (It's Florida... We hardly EVER get to do that!)

I'm finally starting to feel back on track after everything, have started to work on art again, and I'm almost done with the ridiculous amount of cleaning that this place needs to undergo before it can be back to normal. It's amazing how much of a mess you can turn your place into after being sick for a couple months and unable to really clean it!

I wanted to show you some of the friendly creatures that have been populating my life, all created in the last six months or so...

Mushroom Nurse was so much fun to make! She had her debut as the first plush creature I've ever offered on Etsy, and she was really proud of that fact. She promptly hopped off to her happy new home, and she is having tons of fun with her new owner. (Rumor has it there may be a Mushroom Policewoman in the works. And maybe a mushroomy little criminal to go with her...)

I attempted needle felting for the first time awhile ago (probably more than 6 months ago, actually), and the first project I like to make in any new medium is, of course, a miniature replica of Miss Ruby Roo herself:

What do you think of the resemblance?

(She can't help it, she just *has* to play with her food before eating it!)

Next up is this little teal crocheted bear:

This picture is a bit blurry, but you get the idea...

And finally, this teeny tiny jointed teddy bear made from felt! This one took forever to make since it was so small, and the whole time I was making it, I was dreading the part where I'd have to make the joints. It turned out that the joints were really easy to do, and they were actually my favorite part of the whole project.

That's all for now! Tonight I've got two silkscreen classes to teach, but until then, it's more cleaning and hopefully some drawing time, too...


  1. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Oh me oh my! You creations are wonderul. Did the little mushroom nurse take good care of you? I hope so! Look at all these little darlings!!! xoxoxo (how are you feeling??)

  2. everything looks so cute! I really love the last little blue felt bear.
    and your little roo felted dog looks so much like her namesake!!!
    keep up the great new line of work!

  3. I love that blue bear, and I'm glad the joins ended up being fun. The nurse is too cute, and I like the idea of a policeman, too. Glad to hear from you and that you are feeling better. Hope some more cool weather blows your way!

  4. Anonymous9:13 AM

    needle felting is so fun....and I LOVE all your little sweeties! Especially miss Ruby Roo!! :)

  5. im in love with Roo, and the mini Roo is just perfefction!

    i hope you are feeling a little better, after all, that novelty nurse ought to cheer anyones spirits!
    i love it:)

  6. The video of your Roo is priceless and made me laugh along with you all!


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