Over a MONTH ago...

The lovely LaurenSmash tagged me to tell 8 random facts about myself, and I totally forgot about it (due to being in sickness hibernation) until I saw MarmeeCraft's cute little post today. Oops!!

So here they are...
My Eight Random Facts:

1. I forgot how to swim. I thought it was supposed to be like riding a bike...but apparently, it's not! I just tried to the other week after a looooong time of not swimming. And, yeah, I forgot...

2. I always have watermelon gum in my purse. Always. If you ask for gum, and I say I don't have any, I'm lying. It just means I was saving that last piece for myself!

3. My eBay "Watched Items" list is currently populated by large lots of vintage knitting needles. I am in need of lots of different sizes, since it's a fairly new hobby for me, and I figured vintage would be a fun way to start my collection.

4. I love reading emails from Freecyle.org... even if it's not something I'm interested in, I like to read about all the random things that people are swapping.

5. It's really cold where I work...and I love it! Since it's always so HOT outside (it's Florida...), it's a nice change of atmosphere, and since it is always *too* cold, it means I get to wear cute sweaters and knitted stuff, which would otherwise lie in my closet, dormant and unloved, in the summertime. (I'm here now, in the art museum library. There's no one in here now, so I can play computer.)

6. I have an irrational and large vintage coat collection! I simply can't pass up a good coat. It's silly because it's always so hot here, and they take up soooo much room in the closet. At least I have this freezing job! :)

7. My kitchen is painted bright, crayon box green! My living room is light aqua blue, and my room has one hot, hot pink wall.

8. I was in the middle of reading "On Beauty" by Zadie Smith (awesome author!), but I somehow lost the book before I could finish. Hopefully it will turn up... I can't stop wondering what happened to those characters!

That's it for now, but hopefully I'll be back later this weekend with a picture-full post, since these last two have been picture-less! (They were posted from work.)

Hope you all had a fun week! I have been feeling even better than last week, despite it still being an up and down sorta thing. I have some stuff ready to post in my Etsy shop next week, yay!!


  1. you are so funny.

    it was great getting a chance to talk.
    i hope you week treats you well.

  2. i really want an aqua wall. My boyfriend is not so excited about that color :(

  3. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Lovely! I think living in Florida makes one rather obsess over sweaters and coats and yummy knitted scarfs and over the knee socks! I long for late November and the start of Autumn/Winter. :)

  4. im so glad you are back with us!

    i too lose books all the time, and i dare say i have forgotten how to swim......actually the thought fills me with dread. No cruises for me this year!

    And roll on autumn, i cant wait!


  5. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Yippeee! Back for good? Yay! Oh, I have like the wildest fur coats and such!! When I was really nutty, I would wear them with thigh high books and motorcycle goggles along with striped socks and miniskirts... Out to the local bizarre diner... Can you imagine?? Who the heck was I???? xxooxoxox
    What a dork I must have been...


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