You're All Invited...

To my blog pity party!

I have been in hibernation for a little while now, and I wanted to write and say thanks to those of you who have sent encouraging words via email and such. I really, really appreciate your kidnness and support - it's been an extremely rough week for reasons I don't feel like revealing to the world in general... But I know I've emailed some of you to tell you about it, and right now things are a lot better. Sorry to be so extremely vague, but I don't know who is reading this, so I'd rather stay mysterious than specific! I didn't get a chance to email every one of my blog friends with the gory details, but if I left you out, it doesn't mean I didn't want you to know, but I just got sick of telling the same sad story again and again. Thanks for not forgetting about my blog, and I promise you'll see more blog and art making action again in the very near future - it's what helps keep me sane! :)

Thanks for understanding and for sticking by me!


  1. pity presents coming your way to brighten your day.

    hey that rhymed!


  2. You're the BEST!! And you even rhyme?! I'm so lucky to have you as a friend! :)

  3. Anonymous6:03 PM

    I won't pretend to know what is going on but I'm glad that it has gotten better. That's a step in the right direction.
    Keep your chin up...which is just good advice all around :)

  4. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I'm glad you hear your okay and doing better....I'm so sorry you had to go through something like that!

    Thank You for your sweet words that you always leave me to find on my blog....they brighten my days! : )

  5. You guys are awesome! You have no idea how much your kind words mean to me... I am so glad to be back in blogland!! :)


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