Lions and Horses Galore...

I'm working in the studio again! That's a big step, considering how stressed out I still am about all of the weirdness going on lately. It's been good for me and definitely a stress reliever, even just working with some old images in a new way. I did burn a new screen yesterday with some brand new images, and I'm really excited about using it...maybe tomorrow?

In other news, I finished up teaching my Summer A drawing class tonight, and tomorrow is the last painting class. It's "Experimental Drawing" and "Experimental Painting," actually, so we're doing a lot of alternative techniques and different ways of looking at things. It's interesting how some students take to it really fast, while others are really resistant to any experimentation. It seems like they're getting a lot of really great work out of the class, though, so that's pretty exciting for me. I still have a couple more class periods of screen printing to go, which is good because that is by far my favorite class to teach.


  1. Anonymous5:54 PM

    love that horsey tee! :)

  2. what fun new work
    lions are very deceptive. one con'd me outta $20 buck s the other day

  3. I know it! That's why I have to bring my "Lions are Lions" bag everywhere - I always forget how sneaky they are, and I need the bag as a reminder... One tried to pick my pocket today!


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