Puppy Haircut!

I recently trimmed the Ruby Roo myself for the first time. She is a bichon frise who is hypo-allergenic (thankfully!), but that means that her hair grows like human hair and has to be cut every so often. It's very expensive to trim her breed, since their hair gets matted so easily, and I'm never too happy with how she looks when she gets back. The typical bichon cut is a huge lion's mane looking thing around the head, and no matter how many times I ask them not to cut her this way, I still get a baby lion when I go to pick her up... I'm so glad I didn't end up making her look crazy, and I know she is so much more comfortable with me than some stranger who wants to poke and prod at her.


In the background, you can see the messy place I call my living room. I used to hate that I am so messy, but now I've just sort of given into it. I do major clean-ups now and then, but really there are piles of art supplies and clothes to print on galore, and I think it's sort of become my natural habitat. Maybe I shouldn't think of it as "messy," but more like "disorganized." I mean, I don't have *gross* things lying around - no food debis or yucky bathrooms here! I just have piles of drawings, jewelry making supplies, yarn... Even though I don't mind it so much, I need to do a major rehaul of my studio "organization," but it's so hard to make myself do it, because anytime I'm in there, all I want to do is make stuff! :)


  1. Anonymous5:21 PM

    she looks good!

  2. Anonymous4:56 PM

    A white couch?! you are a braver woman than I am. I suppose that's why you have a white dog:)

  3. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I think your room and your pup are lovely. I think your room houses its art items and other stuff very happily. The whole mood is contented bliss really.... :)

  4. Anonymous2:55 PM

    What a cutie pup!

  5. Hello! I was just browsing your blog and noticed your photos. I really like your lamp and doggie; actually the whole room looks really fun!

    What kind of sewing machine do you use? I am shopping for one right now...


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