Thursday, March 23, 2006

Phase Two

I think I'm officially in phase two of the art procrastinating process, i.e. downloading music that will serve as the studio soundtrack when I do, in fact, make work...and doing useless art projects and busywork that do not need to be done right now - like writing a lengthy revised artist statement and creating a pattern to be used as hypothetical wallpaper. Yay pseduo-uselessness!

But, hey, it's raining outside, so you can't expect too much out of a person.

The new Goldfrapp song, "Ooh La La," is slowly killing me with its goodness. How can I get anything done if I just can't stop dancing?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring Cleaning

My entire house is immaculate.

This is what happens when I want to procrastinate on my studio work.

I clean.

I haven't felt this lack of momentum for my creative work in quite some time, but when it's here, it really settles in. This time, I think I know why: a change is coming. I am having something of a conceptual identity crisis, thinking I want to change gears, shake myself up a bit, but I don't know how just yet. For now, it will mean a lot of reading, a lot of researching, and a lot of thinking. I'll figure this one out.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Lack of Red

I decided to not post anything for Photo Friday this week. The assignment was "red," so I took a picture of my red bedsheets and pillows, but that just seemed kind of lame. I have a lot of other red things in my apartment, but I didn't feel like taking pictures of them. I just wasn't too inspired by that theme...

Spent the afternoon doing some more art self-promo stuff, which is oh-so-time-consuming. Hopefully something will take! This time last year, I was getting into just about every juried show I applied to, but lately all I get are rejections. Getting rejections is never fun. Never. Especially when the costs of submitting to those shows has been getting pricey lately, and I hate the idea of having to PAY someone to look at my work. If a group of people were performing a play, they wouldn't have to pay people to watch them, would they?

Last week at the Oscar party, someone brought up an interesting question: would you want art to be as mainstream as movies? Should there be some sort of televised form of art awards each year? An interesting question to think about. Should there be art stars advertising products? Appearing on talk shows? Setting fashion trends?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Lines on Her Face

This drawing is from an old sketchbook, and it's a candidate for a sketchbook submission that one of my former teachers requested from me. I spent awhile today getting images scanned in and preparing that submission, and it's so interesting to look back at all those old and almost forgotten drawings. I notice that the drawings trigger other images and memories along with them - where I was was when I drew the piece (physically and emotionally), what other people had said about the drawing long ago, the people who were around me while I drew it, the feelings I had while making the piece, the decision process that went into the work.... I wonder if looking back at my sketchbooks can generate faster or more vivid recollections than when I look back at my writing journals. It's not exactly easy to compare or gauge differences between what the two can trigger, but it's something to think about.

My weekend went fast: an opening and a party on Friday night, lazy Saturday, and an Oscar party on Sunday... This week I have been having something of a business identity crisis, even though I am still in the planning stages of starting a business. I think everything is pretty much resolved now. I've been having something of a creative block so far this week too, so I've been focusing more on entering juried shows and various other ways of self-promotion. Why does the phrase "self-promotion" always sound like such a narcissistic, negative thing?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Loud Library

The show is up in the library, and the piece I fixed yesterday does not seem like it will fall apart anytime soon. I liked how my neon pinks and greens looked in the normally bland library environment. Erin and I had a lot of fun hammering away in the quiet of the library - it really echoed through the place! We had a great lunch at Bistro and stopped by UF's Student Juried Exhibition to take a look before Friday's opening, then I had dinner and good conversations with Cassie at the Top. More great conversations when Sam called and we chatted for a couple hours. I even missed Project Runway to talk to her - that's true friendship.

After getting all of that art for the library show out of the house, I'm kind of at a loss about what to do with myself studio-wise. I have too many ideas all at once and don't know where I should begin first. Last night, I actually thought I might want to edition a large series of prints, and I never edition prints. I guess I should take advantage of the fact that I am actually willing to pull an edition, because that mindset does not come around too often for me...