Loud Library

The show is up in the library, and the piece I fixed yesterday does not seem like it will fall apart anytime soon. I liked how my neon pinks and greens looked in the normally bland library environment. Erin and I had a lot of fun hammering away in the quiet of the library - it really echoed through the place! We had a great lunch at Bistro and stopped by UF's Student Juried Exhibition to take a look before Friday's opening, then I had dinner and good conversations with Cassie at the Top. More great conversations when Sam called and we chatted for a couple hours. I even missed Project Runway to talk to her - that's true friendship.

After getting all of that art for the library show out of the house, I'm kind of at a loss about what to do with myself studio-wise. I have too many ideas all at once and don't know where I should begin first. Last night, I actually thought I might want to edition a large series of prints, and I never edition prints. I guess I should take advantage of the fact that I am actually willing to pull an edition, because that mindset does not come around too often for me...


  1. What does edition mean?

    As I see all your art, I was wondering if you also play a musical instrument? Sometimes those gifts go hand in hand.


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