A Lack of Red

I decided to not post anything for Photo Friday this week. The assignment was "red," so I took a picture of my red bedsheets and pillows, but that just seemed kind of lame. I have a lot of other red things in my apartment, but I didn't feel like taking pictures of them. I just wasn't too inspired by that theme...

Spent the afternoon doing some more art self-promo stuff, which is oh-so-time-consuming. Hopefully something will take! This time last year, I was getting into just about every juried show I applied to, but lately all I get are rejections. Getting rejections is never fun. Never. Especially when the costs of submitting to those shows has been getting pricey lately, and I hate the idea of having to PAY someone to look at my work. If a group of people were performing a play, they wouldn't have to pay people to watch them, would they?

Last week at the Oscar party, someone brought up an interesting question: would you want art to be as mainstream as movies? Should there be some sort of televised form of art awards each year? An interesting question to think about. Should there be art stars advertising products? Appearing on talk shows? Setting fashion trends?


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